What is FLKS

A health insurance for young adults who just want to be well insured.
Nothing more, nothing less.


Well insured and still have money to spare


Well insured and still have money to spare

Why did we set up FLKS? Because care is already expensive enough, and young adults don't need that much care at all. At FLKS, we prefer to keep it affordable. By offering only two great basic insurances and one supplementary insurance, our premiums stay as low as possible. And so you keep money for fun things.

Conceived by Knaek and the Cultuurapp

FLKS was conceived by the students of discount apps Knaek and the Cultuurapp. We know a lot about student life and discounts, but not so much about insurance. That's why we collaborate with Aevitae Insurance Services: a well-known name in the world of health insurers. If you call FLKS, you'll get Aevitae's juggernauts on the phone. Fine arrangement, right?

As an affiliated company of Aevitae B.V., FLKS mediates in the creation of health insurance. The health insurance is administered by Aevitae B.V, on behalf of insurance company Eucare. Licence has been granted by the Authority Financial Markets (AFM) under number 12008625.

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