Simply well insured.

A cheap basic insurance and completely free to choose whether you
more care. At FLKS, freedom of choice is paramount. So, you are
insured for the best care, but still save money.

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Cheap basic insurance

FLKS' basic insurance policies include all the must-haves in terms of healthcare. In this, we offer two choices. Curious which basic insurance policies we offer?

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Supplementing if necessary

Do you need more care than just the basics? For example, because you wear glasses, regularly visit the dentist or need to go to physio? Then opt for our supplementary insurance.

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For and by young adults

Most young people don't need that much care. We know this all too well at FLKS. That is why we have chosen only the care that young people need. That's how we keep the premium low.

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Natura policies, voluntary excess, razor-sharp premiums...

In our list of frequently asked questions, we explain in normal human language what it all means.

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  • Two bargain priced basic insurance policies that cover all the must-haves you need.
  • All hospitals or only selected hospitals, supplementary insurance or not, high or low deductible: based on your choices, we determine your premium.
  • Choose whether you want supplementary insurance for accidents, physiotherapy and dental costs.
  • Arrange everything online with My FLKS, so no more unnecessary mail on your doorstep.